Each year we place hundreds of cats and dogs into loving homes. Below are some of our success stories.



Jane was rescued from Brooklyn Animal Care and Control with her sister where they were about to be euthanized. They were 8 weeks old and surrendered by a woman who found them in her backyard without their mother. She has since been renamed Penelope and is now living like a queen on Long Island with her big brother Jinksy.



Lucas was found tied to a tree in Suffolk County at the young age of one. He was so emaciated that you could see his ribs. He was not socialized and was brought to the Babylon Animal Shelter as an emergency because he was in the early stages of liver failure. Fortunately, we were able to save his life but he was withdrawn, scared and depressed for a very long time. After much love and patience he is now nine years old and living out his life in our sanctuary. As you can tell he really loves life now.



Mickey was rescued from the streets of Manhattan. She was very untrusting of people and had obviously been abused. She was not spayed and had a cherry eye. One day after her eye surgery healed she was sunning herself in my yard when a man who had been doing work on my home fell madly in love with her. He ultimately adopted her and now she is living with a wonderful family and two boys who spoil her rotten.



Kiwi was rescued from Manhattan Animal Care and Control. She was found in a park with her mom and 3 sisters and didn’t even weigh 2 pounds. She and her littermates were all dehydrated, had an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection that was so severe green goo was coming out of their eyes. Heart and Soul isolated them, put drops in their eyes and medicated them until they were well. Kiwi was adopted in the Patchogue Petco by a wonderful family. As you can tell, she loves the Christmas tree…



Oscar and Milo were rescued from Brooklyn Animal Care and Control where they were about to be euthanized because they had just too many kittens. They came to the shelter because their owner surrendered them. They were only 8 weeks old, weighed 2 pounds and had a severe ear infection. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before they were adopted. Now they live with a wonderful family on Long Island and are busy charming everyone in the room with their playful antics.



Mischief was rescued from Staten Island Animal Care and Control. The shelter staff estimated him to be about 4 months old and noted that he loved to be handled. He weighed 5 pounds and had been surrendered by his owner. His new mommy loves black and white cats and fell immediately for his sweet face. Now he spends his days playing dress up with his doting parents.